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Eyes on Earth: The 500 Mile View

Alan Basist, founder of Eyes on Earth (EOE), is a former US government scientist and private sector consultant who has worked as a climatologist for over 35 years.

Eyes on Earth uses his pioneering techniques to analyze worldwide land-surface temperature, wetness, and snow cover, using satellite observation. EOE is a joint venture with Weather Predict and Renaissance Re. Our team includes Claude Williams, a leading climatologist and an expert in homogeneity adjustment and microwave interpretation.


We provide the best available land-surface data and analysis to public and private sector clients.


Eyes On Earth exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach has been tested and refined over three decades, and our team includes renowned climatologists and satellite observation specialists, as well as senior climate change risk and policy analysts. We can tailor any of our products to your specific criteria for a particular geographic area and time period.

Custom Quotes

We develop to meet your needs:

Contact us for a free demonstration of our unparalleled products, tailored to your specific geographic areas and time series.


Climate Resilience

Adaptation and Resilience Guidance

As humanity’s understanding of its rapidly warming climate and the associated impacts thereof grows, so does its need to adapt to and recover from correlative catastrophic changes. Our team has contributed to this global understanding, by providing scientific support to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), World Bank, UN Development Program, and various governments. 


We work with seasoned climate policy and risk assessment experts to enhance our climate services.

We have tools for: public and private sector clients such as climate change policy makers; government agencies; insurance companies; agricultural risk analysis and crop modeling; water and infrastructure planning; soil moisture and salinization analysis.

Contact us to discuss your climate adaptation and resilience planning needs.

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Tools for the public and private sectors

  • Worldwide Surface Wetness Monitoring and Assessment

  • Water treaty implementation and monitoring support, e.g. by analyzing water availability, flow, and/or allocation

  • Products updated in near real-time

  • Assessment and predictive modeling of soil moisture and its variability, such as drought and flooding

  • Agricultural risk analysis, crop modeling, and yield predictions

  • River flow analysis and capability to predict quantity flowing downstream

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